Front-end Software Engineer



As a Front-end Software Engineer, you will be developing and testing the front-end of Semio’s web-based developer tools and cloud-based app ecosystem. As one of the first employees at the company, you will work directly with the Founders and C-level management of Semio.


  • Design, develop, document, and deploy Semio’s cloud-based web apps and web infrastructure
  • Create unit tests and manually test software’s compliance and robustness
  • Communicate with senior management and peers
  • Interface with customers on occasion to discover needs and correct issues
  • Create and deliver technical presentations to both internal and external audiences
  • Shape the culture of the company and the personal robotics industry as a whole

Required Qualifications

  • Deep understanding of common data structures and algorithms
  • 2 or more years of experience building large and high performance web apps
  • Robust and deep understanding of foundational web technologies and specifications (e.g., JavaScript, HTTP, HTML, CSS, WebSockets, etc)
  • 1 or more years of experience with React
  • Experience with Linux and git
  • Experience with statically typed languages (i.e., C++, Rust, Java, TypeScript, etc.)
  • Excellent communication skills

Additional Qualifications

  • Experience with TypeScript
  • Experience with 3D graphics programming (e.g., WebGL / three.js)
  • Experience with lexical analysis and parsing (e.g., compilers, tokenizers, syntax highlighters, etc.)
  • Experience with audio and signal processing
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