Conversational Designer



As a Conversational Designer for Human-Robot Interaction, you will be developing nonlinear dialog for natural language-based interactions (e.g., using speech and body language) between human users and in-home personal robots. You will gain a deep understanding of a booming tech industry powered by voice, as well as the technological advances paving the way for the robotics revolution.


  • Identify common uses cases, contexts, and topics for voice-enabled applications
  • Develop content for nonlinear dialog trees that map human intentions to robot actions
  • Perform user experience research and testing to design and evaluate conversational designs
  • Deploy voice-based skills to Alexa devices and social robots
  • Work with engineering team to inform the design of Semio software tools for content creators
  • Collaborate with animators to design synchronized speech and body movements for robots
  • Communicate with senior management and peers
  • Create and deliver presentations to internal audiences
  • Help shape the culture of the company and the personal robotics industry as a whole

Required Qualifications

  • 2 or more years of experience in scriptwriting
  • Excellent creative writing and spoken communication skills
  • Understanding of narrative design and the role that spoken dialog has on user experience
  • Enthusiasm for voice-enabled technologies, such as smart speakers and social robots

Additional Qualifications

  • Experience with chatbots or voice-enabled apps (e.g., Alexa Skills, Google Actions, Bixby Capsules, etc.)
  • Experience with game writing and/or copywriting/copyediting
  • Experience working creatively and collaboratively with a team
  • Experience and passion for working in a tech industry
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